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About Us

Dr. Valerie Elener is a solo family physician in North Wilmington, Delaware. She is the only provider and you will see her every visit. We provide preventive care and follow-up care for chronic medical problems such as diabetes and hypertension. We offer routine gyn care including pap smears and birth control. We see people for sick visits including pneumonia, urinary tract infections, minor orthopedic problems, and skin problems. We do simple dermatologic procedures and suturing. We also follow people for depression and anxiety issues. Dr. Elener cares how you are handling the stresses of life whether they are work-related, family issues with your partner, kids or parents, or life in general. We want to help you feel good most of the time. Whether you have no medical problems and are well, or have multiple medical problems and see multiple specialists, we want to be the central point of your healthcare.

Our office uses open-access scheduling so we start each day with open appointments. You can almost always get a same-day sick appointment if you call first thing in the morning.

We have been using electronic medical records for ten years now. There is a patient portal available to every patient which allows you to message the office about prescription refills, insurance, and billing questions, scheduling appointments, viewing lab results and imaging studies online, and you can also directly message Dr. Elener your questions about medical issues. We are always available by phone as well.

Dr. Elener is available 24/7 for urgent medical questions. Please no insurance questions or appointment questions after business hours. Just call the office, 475-5000, and the answering service will take a message and contact her. If you don’t hear back in an hour please call again. Do not call if you are having chest pain or breathing problems, or if you think you are having a stroke; just go directly to the closest emergency department. If you aren’t sure whether you need to be seen urgently in an urgent care center or emergency department, please contact Dr. Elener and she can help you decide what is the best option for you. We can often fit you in first thing the next morning to be seen, so you don’t have to go to an urgent care center unless that is the most convenient option for you.

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Meet The Staff

Dr. Valerie Elener

Dr. Elener grew up in Wilmington and graduated from Brandywine High School in 1980. She graduated from Jefferson Medical College in 1987. After trying general surgery and emergency medicine she decided she liked the continuity of family medicine the best. She is board certified by the American Board of Family Medicine and regularly participates in continuing medical education programs. She has been in solo practice since 1996. Dr. Elener enjoys basic quilting, photography, and her pets. She has a welsh springer spaniel, Nala, an amazon parrot, Tyler, an umbrella cockatoo, Harry, and an African gray parrot, Arabella. She enjoys riding her recumbent tricycle accompanied by her dog, Nala.


Check Out

Emoni is Darniece's daughter and is doing check out and some simple medical assistant duties. She is doing chart reviews so we can catch up with patients we lost track of during covid. 


Practice Manager

Stacie is the practice manager. She has been with Dr. Elener since 2012. She does our billing, insurance referrals, insurance preauthorizations, and general office issues. You can leave a telephone message for her or contact her through the patient portal.


Medical Assistant

Darniece is our front desk receptionist and part-time medical assistant. She has been with us since 2017. She will be your initial contact point for appointments, insurance issues, prescription refills, forms and letters, and general office questions.